Fayette County Technical Rescue Team Begins Training

If you are driving around Fayette County on nearly any Saturday, don’t be surprised to see individuals wearing cold water immersion suits, scuba diving in local lakes and waterways, excavating and shoring trenches, wearing hazardous materials decontamination suits, or descending rope lines into steep terrain or off bridges and towers. These are members of the newly formed Fayette County Technical Rescue Team.  Once fully active, the Team will be available to respond in extraordinary or highly dangerous rescue situations and provide the citizens of Fayette County, or anywhere else they may be called, with highly trained personnel to mitigate these types of specialized incidents.

The Team was formed in January of 2010 and is comprised of a select group of emergency responders who are trained and certified to respond and provide technical knowledge, high-risk work duties, and specialized equipment. Team members are made up of individuals from various emergency response agencies in the mid-south area or have positions with various private entities that add tremendous expertise to technical rescue.

“We currently have about 30 members on the team, many of which are certified to the Operations level and/or Technician level, which is the highest certification in rescue training and preparedness that can be achieved,” said Team Commander Kevin Snider.  “The Team trains nearly every Saturday and several of our more experienced members have completed over 300 hours of advanced rescue training just in the past year and some have been certified from some of the most prominent rescue training organizations in the nation such as Rescue 3 International, Dive Rescue International, and Lifesaving Resources, Inc.”

With capabilities extending “outside of the norm,” the Team will soon be available to safeguard victims and provide aid to unusual rescue situations beyond the capability of an average fire department or emergency response agency.  This application of skills, knowledge, and equipment safely resolves unique or complex rescue situations.