donateAs we near the end of the year, our Team is already planning for next year and we are seeking your consideration to support our all volunteer Rescue Squad which would make you eligible for a tax deduction as long as the donation is made by December 31. By way of background, the Fayette County Technical Rescue Team is a Regional Rescue Squad that has been in existence since 2010 and provides volunteer services not only in Fayette County but all over West Tennessee, North Mississippi, and East Arkansas.  Our Team is the only private and sanctioned volunteer Rescue Squad in the mid-south that is solely dedicated to technical rescue and is comprised of experienced and highly skilled volunteers who donate their time not because they have something to gain but because this is something they believe in.


The mission of the Team is to bring together highly trained personnel with varying backgrounds (such as firefighters, police officers, military personnel, emergency medical providers, and the private sector) to have a diverse and cohesive Team of skilled personnel who employ the use of specialized equipment and technical rescue skills for emergency events that are “outside the norm” of a typical emergency call of our local emergency response agencies.  In fact, many of our volunteer Members are full time firefighters and emergency responders who are employed all over the mid-south region. The Team continually trains together to prepare for these unique and unusual events and is always available to supplement and provide additional assistance to mid-south emergency response agencies when we are requested.

Our volunteer members will literally train for hundreds of hours for an event that may occur only once or twice per year in the mid-south. Qualified and experienced emergency volunteers regularly training together not only save lives and help the mid-south community but they save tax dollars through their volunteer efforts and provide a mechanism for local emergency response agencies to supplement and enhance their efforts without additional cost and expense to their agencies.


In order to meet our mission and provide our volunteer services all across the mid-south area, we rely upon the generosity of local residents, community leaders, businesses, and others for support.  Without the assistance of community-minded individuals just like you, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in the mid-south each and every year.  Your generosity will make a difference in the mid-south community by allowing us to continue our critically needed services.  As noted, the FCTRT is NOT a government entity and therefore does NOT receive any federal, state, county or municipal government funding. Our Team is solely funded through the generosity of sponsors, donations and private grants and pays for all of its own expenses, including substantial general liability insurance for the Team and workers compensation for its Team Members, so that it can be available to respond anytime to virtually anywhere it may be needed WITHOUT any cost to the taxpayers. More importantly, all contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE as allowed by law since our Team is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID No. 27-1640618).


You can make a secure on-line donation using any credit card via PayPal (no PayPal account is necessary as our non-profit Team is PayPal verified) through our Team website at www.technicalrescueteam.com in which you will automatically be provided a receipt for your tax records.  Alternatively, you can make a check donation by mail – made payable to “Fayette County Technical Rescue Team or FCTRT” – and send it to our Team Headquarters at 3565 Highway 57, Rossville, Tennessee 38066.


Thank you for your consideration and we hope that you can support us before December 31 so you can obtain your tax deduction!