TARS State Officers Tour Headquarters

The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team recently hosted a visit from all of the State Officers of the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (TARS).  TARS is the state organization of rescue squads which has about 115 rescue squads across the State of Tennessee and approximately 5000 members stretching through four regions from Bristol to Memphis.

“Our Team is a proud to be an Operations Member of TARS and we were thrilled to have all of the TARS State Officers take a tour of our new headquarters and training facility in Rossville,” said Commander Kevin Snider.  “Our Team is the only TARS sanctioned rescue squad in Fayette County and we work with the statewide organization on a regular basis for both trainings and deployments all across the mid-south area”, said Commander Snider.

The FCTRT is a Regional Rescue Squad that provides volunteer services not only in Fayette County but all over West Tennessee, North Mississippi, and East Arkansas.  It is the only private and sanctioned volunteer Rescue Squad in the mid-south that is solely dedicated to technical rescue and is comprised of experienced and highly skilled volunteers who donate their time not because they have something to gain but because this is something they believe in.  In 2015, the Team moved into their new headquarters and training facility at 3565 Highway 57 in Rossville, Tennessee which is the only technical rescue training facility of its type in the mid-south allowing them to greatly enhance their training and operations.

The mission of the Team is to bring together highly trained personnel with varying backgrounds (such as firefighters, police officers, military personnel, emergency medical providers, and the private sector) to have a diverse and cohesive Team of skilled personnel who employ the use of specialized equipment and technical rescue skills for emergency events that are “outside the norm” of a typical emergency call of the local emergency response agencies.  In fact, many of the all volunteer Members are full time firefighters and emergency responders who are employed all over the mid-south region.  The Team continually trains together to prepare for these unique and unusual events and is always available to supplement and provide additional assistance to mid-south emergency response agencies when they are requested.

Please check out the Team website at www.technicalrescueteam.com or on Facebook for additional information about the Team or feel free to call them anytime for assistance at (901) 496-6800.