The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team will host the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squad’s Basic Trench Rescue Class from September 18 through September 20, 2015 at its Team headquarters located at 3565 Highway 57 in Rossville, Tennessee.


The Class will be taught by certified instructors with the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads who will be traveling to Rossville from East Tennessee.  The course is designed to impact knowledge and develop skills for local emergency responders in order to properly shore trenches and to effect a trench cave-in-rescue quickly with a minimum danger to those involved.  It will teach the students how to utilize equipment and resources already at their disposal as well as recognize the resources in their community that can be readily used in trench rescue situations.


The Basic Trench Rescue Class will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 18 and last most of the day on Saturday and Sunday and will be 20 hours in length and provide 1 CEU for those who successfully complete the certified training.  The class is open to any local emergency responders but registration is limited and must be completed through the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads online at www.tnars.org/classes.asp.