The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team has recently acquired and implemented a new portable Tactical Operations Center“the TOC” for use on scenes that they are deployed to all across the mid-south area.  The new TOC was purchased through private donations, corporate sponsorships, and private grants and will greatly assist the Team in their training and operations.


The TOC is a portable and climate controlled facility designed for managing the Team’s operations during any type of emergency scene that they may be called to.  It is where the FCTRT Command Staff makes decisions to allocate and coordinate resources; provides for incident communications coordination; and directs the overall response for the Team.  More importantly, it provides for the centralized locating of the five functional sections of the FCTRT Command Staff: Command; Operations; Planning; Logistics; and Finance.


“Having this new TOC will greatly improve the overall efficiency and sustainability of our Team.  The Command Staff now has the ability to sustain a long-term emergency scene in a climate controlled environment while having access to the new laptop computer and color printer with gps tracking and map software so that they can not only access the geographic details of an emergency scene anywhere in Tennessee, Mississippi, or Arkansas but we now have the ability to track the precise movements of our Team Units in real time,” said Lt. Matt Wilson.  “In addition, this TOC, along with some other recent purchases by the Team, allows our Team to be self-sufficient in the field for up to 72 straight hours,” saidWilson.


The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team is a private, non-profit and sanctioned rescue squad comprised entirely of volunteers from various emergency response agencies and the private sector that is solely funded through sponsors, donations, and private grants.  The Team does not accept or receive any type of federal, state, county, or municipal government funding so that there is no cost to the taxpayers for the all volunteer Team.  The FCTRT is an active Unit Member of the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads and is fully insured and available to response in most of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.  The Team provides specialized emergency response to fire departments, police departments, and agencies requesting additional assistance without charge.  If you are interested in joining, assisting, donating, or just looking for more information about the Team – please visit their website at www.technicalrescueteam.com, visit them on Facebook, or call them anytime at (901) 496-6800.