FCTRT Continues Trench Rescue Operational Readiness Exercises

The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team continues trench rescue training and operational readiness exercises.  “With the increase in new construction and never ending maintenance of underground utilities, it is safe to assume that every day of the year there is an open trench or excavation within our area,” said Team Commander Kevin Snider.  “While trench rescues are not common, they do happen and that is why we repeatedly train in this discipline because trench rescue operations present a significant danger to all emergency personnel and involve complex requirements for shoring, hand tools, earth-moving equipment, and other specialized resources.”

As part of their training, the Team will be completing numerous types of trench rescues in several different types of trenches and excavations and several of the more experienced trench rescue members of the Team will be attending a three day advanced trench rescue class in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the end of August.  In all, the Team plans to complete about 45 hours in trench rescue training and operational readiness exercises this year alone.  The Team wishes to extend a special thanks to four of its sponsors who have assisted in this trench training by providing facilities, heavy equipment, and other resources – Dr. Linda Smiley of Smilin’ Tiger Farms, Randall & Dienese Wilson, Stanley Hayes, Thrifty Building Supply, and Abe’s Repair Service.

The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team provides specialized emergency response to fire departments and agencies requesting additional assistance without charge and is comprised of 31 volunteers from various emergency response agencies and departments.  The Team is a Tennessee non-profit corporation registered under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for tax exempt status.  It is an Active Unit Member of the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads and affiliated with the Rossville Fire Department, Search Dogs South, and the Kelsey Canine Medical Center.  The Team also holds memberships with the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), the International Association for Dive Rescue Specialists (IADRS), and the International Rescue and Emergency Care Association (IRECA).  For more information about the FCTRT, please visit their website at www.technicalrescueteam.com or contact Commander Kevin Snider at (901) 496-6800 or Major Brandon Bagwell at (901) 258-9068.