FCTRT Instructs Emergency Vehicle Driver Training for Rossville Fire Department

The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team recently instructed an Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) as part of their community education series for the Rossville Fire Department and its emergency responders.  The EVOC course taught by certified FCTRT members is accredited by the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads and consists of both extensive classroom instruction and two “hands on” driving courses. 

The first course is a very slow-speed course where students are taught the parameters of the emergency vehicle – what the vehicle will do and what it will not do.  On the slow-speed course students must perform a series of driving trials, which include precision parking, decreasing radius serpentines, parallel parking, and many other challenges to ensure that the student is proficient with the large emergency vehicle that they will be operating.  The second course is called the ‘road course’ and it is designed to give the students a “real life” application of the skills that they have just learned. The road course was held in Rossville on streets that had been temporarily restricted from public use.  The road course includes driving longer distances at higher speeds where students weave through obstacles, perform faster cornering, and emergency evasive maneuvers.

The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team provides specialized emergency response to fire departments and agencies requesting additional assistance without charge and is comprised of 31 volunteers from various emergency response agencies and departments.  For more information about the FCTRT, please visit their website at www.technicalrescueteam.com