Recent FCTRT Deployment in the News


Friday, April 16, 2010, Dyersburg State Gazette

“Divers with the Fayette County Technical Rescue Team prepare to call it a day after searching the Forked Deer River on Thursday.  The divers encountered problems with an underwater tree below them on their last dive of the day.  The same vicinity of the Forked Deer River has been the focus of volunteers’ efforts for the past two days in their search for Ronnie Cobb.”

The photo and caption are courtesy of the Dyersburg State Gazette.  For the full story on one of the FCTRT’s recent deployments see the link below.  The photo, caption, and story are copyrighted by the Dyersburg State Gazette and are being published, broadcast and/or redistributed with the express written permission of the Dyersburg State Gazette.