The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as an organizational member of the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). “This is the first of many milestones on our Team’s long road to establishing ourselves as a rescue organization in Fayette County.” said Commander Kevin Snider. “The acceptance of the FCTRT into NASAR is going to provide us with a great number of resources and opportunities that were previously unavailable to us. Having access to a national based organization and network of search and rescue professionals, will allow us to tap into their broad base of experience and adapt our techniques using lessons others have already learned. Any input from our peers that permits us to provide a better service to those we are called on to help is always welcome, and I consider it to be an extremely valuable and priceless asset.”

NASAR, a Virginia based non-profit corporation was founded in 1972, with a focus on education in search management, the theory of search, search planning, and the management of search incidents. The company has gone on to expand its area of focus to include the promotion of the National Incident Management System, and to provide training programs to certify Search and Rescue Personnel in a number of field related areas, such as: search methods, operational concepts, tracking, and search scene management.  According to its mission statement, “The National Association for Search and Rescue is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to advancing professional, literary, and scientific knowledge in fields related to search and rescue. NASAR is comprised of thousands of paid and non-paid professionals interested in all aspects of search and rescue – the humanitarian cause of saving lives – throughout the United States and around the world.”

“Since Search and Rescue incidents predominantly involve lost individuals, they are usually considered “Missing Persons” situations and fall under the local law enforcement’s jurisdiction. Our local law enforcement does a great job when it comes to running these types of incidents, but Search and Rescue events can become manpower intensive very rapidly. Having the FCTRT available as a deployable asset in those situations can certainly assist in these situations,” said Major Brandon Bagwell.

“One of the disciplines of response of our Team is obviously Search and Rescue.” said the Team’s Training officer, Captain Christopher Bauer. “Our training modules for S&R cover both wildland and urban environments, but due to the geographic terrain of southern Fayette County, we are training very heavily in wildland S&R to be able to respond in the very terrain challenging areas around the Wolf River.”  On top of our internal training and Operational Readiness Exercises, we are having some of our newer field personnel obtain their SARTech series certifications. We have committed to using NASAR’s standards as our basis for certification and operational policy to achieve the best possible result.”

The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team is an all volunteer Tennessee non-profit corporation registered under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It is affiliated with the Rossville Fire Department and is made up of local emergency responders from various agencies and departments.  For more information about the FCTRT, please visit their website at www.technicalrescueteam.com