Our Team completes extensive training and we currently meet and train nearly every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and at other times as scheduled (see Calendar page for more details).  Please contact Commander Kevin Snider at (901) 496-6800 or Major Matthew Wilson at (901) 493-7604 for additional information or details.

FCTRT members regularly attend both TARS certified rescue training classes as well as rescue classes from other certifying agencies, groups and organizations and the FCTRT also has TARS certified instructors in Vehicle Extrication, Emergency Driving (EVOC / VKF) and Bloodborne Pathogens.


  • Our training is conducted both externally through certified training agencies and internally to enhance these skills
  • In addition, we regularly conduct Operational Readiness Exercises in all of our response modules
  • All training modules strictly adhere to and/or exceed NFPA 1006 (Standards for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications) and NFPA 1670 (Standards for Operations & Training for Technical Rescue).
  • All training programs are developed and issued to the Divisions by the S-3 and the Training Committee.