Our Organization


After completing numerous technical rescue classes across the United States, our Commander Kevin Snider had a simple idea that had never been implemented in our rural area of Fayette County – start an all volunteer technical rescue team in Fayette County that could employ the use of specialized equipment and technical rescue skills for emergency events that are “outside the norm” of a typical emergency call for our local fire departments and emergency response agencies and also be able to assist other agencies all across the mid-south in West Tennessee, North Mississippi, and East Arkansas.

After meeting with several other members of the Piperton Fire Department who expressed interest in this idea, the Piperton Fire Department Technical Rescue Team was created and formed in August of 2008. Over the next year and under the direction and leadership of Kevin Snider, this Team continually trained in technical rescue modules and expanded its membership to over a dozen members. With the overwhelming interest and success of its program during its initial year of operations just in the City of Piperton, this Team wanted and needed to expand beyond the municipal borders of the City of Piperton and allow members from other fire departments and emergency response agencies. In short, the Team wanted to increase the frequency and intensity of training; train with other fire departments and emergency response agencies in our local area; be able to respond outside the municipal borders of the City of Piperton; and be fully open, inclusive, and available to anyone that wanted to join – irrespective of what department or agency the prospective member worked for.

Thereafter, the independent and non-profit Fayette County Technical Rescue Team was formed in January of 2010. Since that time, our members have all worked tremendously hard and the Team has been a remarkable success as described on the Outreach page. Now, the FCTRT is a private and sanctioned rescue squad that provides assistance without charge and is comprised of volunteers from various emergency response agencies and departments. The FCTRT does not receive any federal, state, county, or municipal government funding and carries its own general liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance on its members, therefore FCTRT is available to respond virtually anytime to anywhere it may be needed without any costs to the taxpayers of our area.


Operations Structure

The Operations of the FCTRT is controlled by its officers and members in a ranking structure similar to that of most rescue squads or fire departments. The highest ranking officer is the Commander followed by the Major, Captains, and Lieutenants. The FCTRT has implemented the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) into its operations and ranking system and it is easily transferable into the operations at any scene the FCTRT may be called to or asked to assist in.

Administration Structure

Due to the fact that the FCTRT is a Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation registered under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the Administration of the FCTRT is solely controlled by the Team’s Charter of Incorporation, Bylaws, Corporate Officers, and Board of Directors who each served a term of three years. Operations officers may be assigned to corporate positions as determined and dictated by the Board of Directors and the Bylaws.

Administrative Committees

The FCTRT uses a number of committees for both administration and operations as well as policy making as established by the Team’s Bylaws and Board of Directors. These committees are known as:
  • The Auditing Committee
  • The Bylaws Committee
  • The Training Committee
  • The Standards Committee
  • The Selection Committee

Advisory Board

The FCTRT also uses an Advisory Board to assist with administrative and operational functions. This Advisory Board consists of up to twelve members selected from surrounding emergency agencies as well as private entities with specialized technical rescue background or knowledge. The Board assists and advices the Team and provides a additional input from individuals and entities outside the membership of the Team.