Although our formalized Team is relatively new, our Team has been very blessed in the specialized technical rescue equipment and other resources that it has been able to acquire or currently has available to respond.  We currently have several vehicles, two custom designed response cargo trailers, watercraft with sonar capabilities, and a tremendous amount of specialized technical rescue equipment that is not traditionally available to local agencies and departments.  In short, we carry a vast array of specialized technical rescue equipment such as:

  • Communications gear and ham radio capabilities
  • Safety equipment and full personal protective jumpsuits
  • AJAX air chisel and other specialty cutting items
  • Voluminous amounts of wood and resin cribbing for stabilitzation 
  • Several complete technician swiftwater rescue response kits
  • Several complete technicain ice/cold water rescue response kits
  • Over a dozen wetsuits and drysuits for varying conditions
  • Several complete technician rope rescue response kits
  • A tripod and artificial high directional device – TerrAdaptor
  • Side scan sonar and other specialized diving equipment

The Fayette County Technical Rescue Team is proud to be the first emergency response agency in Tennessee to have the new TerrAdaptor.  The TerrAdaptor is cutting edge technology in portable anchoring systems / tripod systems and is the most advanced portable anchoring system that is NFPA certified.  For more information check out:

The TerrAdaptor website at:

Or check out this video at:    watch?v=SJMdNCDBBQs

  • A complete trench rescue incident response package with panels
  • Air monitoring and ventilation equipment
  • Structural collapse equipment
  • Several technician confined space rescue response kits
  • Several scuba dive rescue/recovery kits
  • Full dragging gear (for water recovery operations)
  • Multiple 24 hour packs for wilderness search and rescue
  • Complete orienteering gear kits with topographical maps
  • Hazardous material suits (Level “B”)
  • Complete hazardous material decontamination kit
  • Complete hazardous material containment kit
  • Complete hazardous material patch and plug kit
  • Mass casualty response gear and kit
  • Large and small animal rescue kits with lifting capabilities
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Several patient evacuation kits with basket and SKEDs
  • Other rescue, stabilization, lifting, and access kits
  • Portable medical kits including AED
  • Hundreds of other pieces of specialized equipment and tools





In addition, our Team has formed alliances with other rescue organizations and agencies for additional resources (if needed) such as additional vehicles, additional watercraft, additional ATVs, additional side scan sonar, search dogs, heavy rescue equipment, and numerous other items.